IMG_1118High Pressure Solar Geyser Features

  • All components, with the exception of the collector tubes, are locally supplied.
  • Inner Tank is manufactured from 1.2mm thick, tough grade 444 stainless steel.
  • Evacuated tubes are top quality, 2.2mm thick and German designed.
  • Tough pre-coated corrosion resistant Aluzinc outer wrap.
  • Tank insulating material is zero emission and is 2015 protocol compliant.
  • Framework is available in various forms for ease of installation.
  • High Pressure Water heater rated at 400kPA.
  • Units installed on roof.
  • Freeze resistant.
  • Hail resistant.
  • 10 year warranty on the tank.
  • 25 years design life.
  • 15 years design life on tubes.
  • Anodic protection.
  • Electrical backup. (non-electrical assist available for 100l and 150l)

High Pressure integrated systems.

Eskom Rebates:




Split Systems (retrofit)


 Eskom Rebates

150Lt (18 Tube) = R4946

200Lt (24 Tube) = R5865

Connected to original geyser

Plus Minus 75% Savings of Hot water heating account.




Heat Pumps for Geysers

SAM_0519 (800x600)

Usage 0,85 Kw/hr Output 3,2 Kw (150Lt Geyser)

Usage 1,07 Kw/hr Output 5Kw (200Lt Geyser)

Usage 1,68 Kw/hr Output 7,2Kw (up to 450 Lt)

Saving on electricity min 60%.






Geyser wise Max System Controller

SAM_0628Fitted to both integrated and split systems, giving complete control of your water heating system.

If fitted direct to geyser, should save up to 35% of your hot water heating account.